Java For Kids

What is Java programming language?


As of 2022, there are approximately 700 programming languages. Out of those 700, Java is consistently one of the top 10 most popular. 


Holding one of the top 10 spots out of 700 total options is impressive. But what is Java? Why is it so popular? Who uses it, and what do they do with it?


Java is an object-oriented programming language that has been around since the early 1990s. 


Other languages use a paradigm known as structured programming. C++ and other early computer programming languages used structured programming. They rely on repeated blocks of code. 


Java is an object-oriented coding language. Object-oriented languages are more efficient in terms of the written code itself. Rather than using similar chunks of code over and over, they involve classes and objects that contain basic instructions. A class is a kind of template. An object is an instance of the template. A programmer can simply insert an object into the code. Since that object inherits its behavior from the class it belongs to (its template), there’s no need to write code to make it work. It’s ready to use immediately.


Java Coding is Used by Large Companies


Many of the biggest companies in the world rely on Java to power their products. These are companies such as:












People at these companies use Java to build Android apps, write code for web apps, create desktop software, and automate repetitive tasks.


Java Coding for Kids & Teens


Java is a great language for kids to learn because it has staying power. It has been around since the early 1990s. That’s a long time in the world of computers. Java also has a strong presence on the Internet plus a community of about 9 million developers. Java powers a lot of complex applications and isn’t going away anytime soon.


Like many other STEM activities, learning to code in Java can help kids develop soft skills. The most important one, and certainly the one that takes the longest to master, is patience. Coding can be frustrating. You can spend hours working on a small part of a program without making much progress. Sometimes you end up going back several steps to rework something you thought you had already figured out. Perseverance and learning to stick with a problem are some of the reasons why kids should learn to code.


Programming in Java, or any language, also develops strong abstract thinking skills and creativity. There are often several ways of approaching and solving a problem. And finally, group classes and team projects help aspiring coders learn teamwork. Professional software developers often work in groups to plan their projects, write code, review their work, and fix problems. So, teamwork is one of the most crucial skills a software engineer can have.