Vedic Maths Benefits

India has given the world a great gift that is useful to all in many aspects, we call it Vedic Maths. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of the term but what is Vedic Maths all about?  It comes from the Sanskrit word Veda which means knowledge. Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji is known as the Father of Vedic Maths.

Vedic Maths provides an easy and convenient solution to difficult maths calculations. All of this can be done mentally. Learning Vedic Maths tricks and concepts at an early age helps your child build a strong foundation. 

What are the benefits of Vedic Maths?

1. Helps in Simplifying Calculations

Maths is not always the favourite subject of a child as it can get tricky to calculate numbers. However, with Vedic maths a child can use simple methods that help solve even complex calculations easily. It helps children solve their homework with ease and helps them take a liking to maths.

2. Enhances Ability for Numbers

Vedic maths makes kids good with numbers. It helps them solve any calculations like roots, square roots, cubes and squares in an easier manner. They become calm and confident when presented with numbers.

3. Improves Focus, Memory & Concentration

When using Vedic maths a student performs most calculations mentally. This exercise betters their focus, memory & concentration. With the enhancements of these traits, children get developed on an all-round front.

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4. Speed & Accuracy

Vedic maths enables quick calculations. Children learn formulae that help them calculate at a faster rate. There is no usage of calculators which makes your child even more proficient.

5. Better Performances in Competitive Exams

As you all know competitive exams have maths as a subject that necessitates quick calculations in order to complete the entire exam on time. With Vedic maths, students can get trained to utilise their tricks and skills for competitive exams and solve examinations more efficiently.

6. Quick learning

Vedic maths can be easily learnt when you have the right tutors. It is a simplified process of normal maths and can be learnt by anyone. Vedic maths is recommended for all students above the age of 5 years old. Vedic maths can be used in various aspects like technology, algebra, geometry and so on.

Please keep this in mind though that Vedic maths does not teach the underlying philosophy or the background of the problem to be solved. It is wrong to assume that Vedic maths is a shortcut to learning maths. The process of learning maths is entirely different. Vedic maths must be used only after learning proper maths. Vedic maths shows us how to make maths interesting for students. 

Maths can be a nightmare for students due to the nature of calculations and the volume of numbers that are presented before them. Students often seek external tuitions the most in the subject of maths. However, with Vedic maths one can easily become a maths genius. Several students who were able to score higher ranks in maths Olympiads and scored higher in maths exams testify to the use of Vedic maths.